Uneasy Lies the Head

Session 1 Notes

It all began with a letter.

A router had arrived from Isla Malarta, and a peasant from the island disembarked. Soon after he was set upon by a group of thugs who seemed inclined to take his possessions and his life, and they likely would have succeeded were it not for the intervention of Tomasso Marcelli who had been watching the shipment. Together, the two of them managed to kill, or drive off, the assailants. At this point, it was revealed that the peasant, one Alberto, was carrying a message to Darian Shuh, who Tomasso was in the employ of. Knowing where Alberto was headed, the two left together.

We then move our attention to a presently unnamed Engineer of the Neu Ungren Guild of Imperial Engineers. Unhappy with his present affiliations, but also quite cognizant of the only retirement package, and desiring a third option, he was seeking out Darian Shuh, who he knew to be one of the few people in Neu Ungren to be engaged in smuggling. He arrived just a touch too late, however, and proceeded to be a witness to his kidnapping at the hands of an unknown party. He did, however, hear Darian’s plea, to protect the children, and where they could be found.

Heading topside, the Unnamed Engineer came across Tomasso Marcelli and Alberto, who had also arrived a touch too late to meet Darian Shuh. He informed them of what had just transpired, and relayed Darian’s message to them. Tomasso knew where the pub was, and while the Engineer stayed in the sewers, Tomasso and Alberto went to meet the children.

Arriving in the pub, and requesting to meet people only identified as “the Children”, the island clothing of Alberto, as well as the term often used for them by Darian, swiftly led to their recognition. And so, while their faithful bodyguard, Vida watched over these newcomers, the siblings Matthias and Szilvia Sarkad soon set about finding out what the arrival of these folks portended. With Szilvia speaking with them, while Matthias took the letter and read it. It is at this point that they discover that the messanger and the letter are from their Uncle Roberto, bearing news that their Father had recently been murdered, with their half sister having been framed for it, and their Uncle Janos having named himself regent, and looking to remove all possible threats to his power. However, they had also been gifted with the Royal Seal, giving them a powerful claim to legitimacy.

Realizing the danger they were in, Matthias confirmed that the signet was present, and noticing that the bartender was suddenly very interested in what they were doing, decided to head to a safer location in order to plan their next move. Tomasso then took them to the the Engineer and together, the six of them went to a safe room in the sewers that Darian had rented, complete with a proper set of weapons and armour for Vida.

Here, the siblings confer briefly and agree that they’ll go back to make their claim to the Throne. And then talk with their companions, to see both what they want, and what skills they possess. After finding that all of them would like to leave Neu Ungren, the next step is a decision to attempt to rescue Darian, hoping that the Engineer’s knowledge of the sewers would give them the advantage. His knowledge of the streets of the city is peerless, and through his knowledge and his contacts, Darian’s location is quickly found. It’s decided that at this point most of the thugs in question are likely still out looking for the royal children, and so a frontal assault would be best.

The early assault works well, with a knight in full armour causing a minor panic. However, the bulk of the men are able to form a more solid defense in the interior of the warehouse, and soon a standoff occurs with the thugs threatening to kill Darian. At this point, Matthias negotiates with the thugs, managing to work out a bargain, 60 Scude for the old man’s life, and everyone walks away. With a possibility for an additional deal, 10 Scude for the identity of the people who put out the order for their capture.

With Darian back in their care, the party returns to the bolt hole, there to finally rest and start making proper plans to leave Neu Ungren and return to their home.


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