Darian Shuh

Xanthopoulos senechal


Sir Darian is a loyal retainer of Xanthopoulos family. He fought for the right to accompany Lady Alkyone to her new home on Malarta. He testified on her behalf when she was accused of adultery and never accepted the justice of her conviction. Not allowed to attend her in her house-arrest he became something of the father figure and advisor to her children eventually accompanying them to their exile in Neu Ungren. He sees Alkyone’s children as undisputed heirs to Malarta and has acted with very limited success on their behalf from Neu Ungren, trying to get support for their claim from Imperial administration and other potential power-brokers.
Never very warm to either Janos or Nikolay Sarkad, he developed abiding hatred for both of them during the Lady Alkyone’s trial and particularly during its aftermath.

Born in y27.ist.×.rdp&m, Darian is in his very late middle age and has lost what little propensity he ever had for physical endeavors. He compensates by being fastidious, well informed and efficient.

Old guy, extremely cautious. Had hots for mother since before she was married but lacked balls to do anything about it. Has seemingly endless supply of boring old books he tried to make us read when he was not endlessly droning and lecturing. Nonetheless, decent, loyal and hellishly well informed fellow. Can give you dirt on every last goat-herd on Malarta and quite a few folks off the island too.

Darian Shuh

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