Matthias Sarkad

Exiled Prince of the Realm


The Eldest son of Nikolay Sarkad, he endured a serious illness in his youth. Though he survived the ordeal, it has left it’s mark upon him, leaving him notably thin and weak of constitution. Despite this, and due to the requirement of his mother that he be able to display himself as a child of a Xanthopulous, he has been well versed in all the princely arts, including the mounted combat style of the Imperial Knights.

However, perhaps due to the limitations enforced upon him by his illness, he has instead immersed himself in the arts of the scholar, being well versed in the theory of politics, and in the lessons of history. As well, he has studied the nuts of bolts of how to keep a kingdom operating, learning the arts of both commerce and beaureaucracy. As well, he has indulged in the court itself, getting to know both the people, and how to comport himself properly within said society, showing off the lessons of his mother in how to present and comport oneself properly.

While coming of age, he has come to have a less than stellar view of his father, sparked by his own disinterest in the training of his heirs, and fed by the Southron Rebellion (which he feels was started by his father’s placing emotions over prudent practices) and especially by the recent trial of his mother and his own exile.

While he may be exiled for now, he intends to rectify the injustice of the false aspersions upon his lineage, and reclaim his own legitimacy.

Matthias Sarkad

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