Tomasso Marcelli


Born in Neu Ungren, only son of Gabriel Marcelli (born Gabriel Marecelloti).
Tomasso’s youth was marked by the downfall of his father. At the time of Tomasso’s birth, Gabriel was a Navigating Captain under Espiere family and was considered one of the most accomplished captains in the entire city. While not officially part of the Espier, Marcelloti were considered offshoot relatives due to their descent from Philipa Espier and her bastard son with Luciano Marcelli.

Gabriel’s own branch of the Marcelloti was deemed junior adoptive branch being descended not from Philipa but from another of the Luciano Marcelli‘s bastards later integrated into family proper. This lowly origin did not present obstacle to captain Gabriel’s command of The Albatross, fine Espier ship which he, over his career, tinkered with and upgraded. It was even less an obstacle to the firm loyalty of his crew which saw him as fair if stubborn commander. He was considered a preeminent expert on the Milliuric Router, discovered byhis grandfather Luciano which he improved in several important details.

Gabriel’s downfall came from the investigation into his family history. He believed to have found a proof that his father, Giovanni Marcelloti was in fact born Giovanni Marcelli and was not a bastard but a fully legitimate son of Luciano. He discovered that Philipa manipulated Luciano into abandoning his lawful wife and family and declaring her bastard as his only heir and then manipulated her son into a subordinate position within Espier clan and engaged in machinations to entirely erase the legitimacy of the main Marcelli branch.

Gabriel approached this investigation with same thoroughness and dedication he brought to his naval pursuits. He was able to identify all the documents forged at Philipa’s behest and even acquire sworn testimonies of a few surviving witnesses from his grandfather’s time.
He persisted in this investigation even after being warned off it by Espier enforcer Gregor Dunn.

Gabriel first appealed to ecclesiastical court where his evidence handily convinced the presiding magistrate who re-established right of his branch to the traditional name of Marcelli. However, to claim the principal part of his inheritance – namely Milliuric Router he needed the acceptance of the Captain’s Council de-facto ruling body of the navigatorial class of Neu Ungren.

His father’s presentation in front of the Council remains one of the defining early memories of Tomasso’s. There was his father, in full Captain’s regalia, with his family presented and a trunk-full of documents topped off with a newly minted church decree granting him right to his ancient surname. In fact, presentation lasted mere minutes. Gabriel barely started to state his case when an enormously fat Navigator chairing the meeting mumbled something like “why are we talking about this ?” and switched the subject to the topic of Neu Ungren coinage.

That was it for the Marcelli family. Considered risk for turning pirate, Gabriel never again got Captain’s position and even those who hired him for piloting (at which he was likewise an expert) did so under threat of Espier retribution. He lived for almost whole another decade but have continuously sunk throughout that time, wasting what little family resources remained on drink and the pointless legal actions.

He did leave two things to his only son: comprehensive apprenticeship in all things nautical and, in deepest secrecy, hand transcribed, highly illegal version – from memory – of the Milliuric Router which Tomasso promptly hid away.

With sea only trade he knew, but without any connections or wealth, Tomasso enrolled as a common sailor with several navigatorial houses, even seeing some action against the Imperial Galleys onboard Orseollo Santoni‘s magnificent ship [[]]. For all of it, he continues to dream his father’s dream.

Tomasso Marcelli

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