Safe in their incredible wealth and influence Bartolini have little patience for the social niceties of Neu Ungren’s who is who. Hereditary bad looks together with the tradition of marrying from the lower classes take them out of the all important marriage market and general disregard for other people’s opinion makes them less then interested players in the social games. While they dutifully observe their civic and even social duties they do it on their own terms. They tend to stand aloof from the quarrels of the city immersed in the internal politics of their vast clan. Only external feud they grudge is Portillo’s heavy disagreement with Mayor on the issue of the Mint (which was Portilo’s own idea almost 40 years ago and was blocked by the old Gergely ever since).
One of great business decisions Bartolini made several generations ago was to stay out of the Slave business. That made them unconcerned with great Fugger/Contarini feud and allowed them to pursue less lucrative but more stable trade. Anton Bartolini is credited with being a first Nav to introduce coffee to Neu Ungren and further afield to the empire but the truth is that all he did was buy out a number of small merchants who were starting this trade

Historical Figures:

Portillo (62):
Father of the family, head of the Captain’s compact and the richest man in Neu Ungren and quite possibly in the entire West. Incredibly fat and with typical Bartolini bad looks. Portilo Bartolini inherited a well run family enterprise, already of the same scale with those of Fuggers and Santonies from his father Anton some twenty years ago. He is an enormous overbearing character, petulant at times, bullying at others, almost unbearable when he cant get his way. Yet, he has all the characteristics of a good businessman – he is honest to his word, reliable, punctual and open to new ideas. Portilo eschews violence and one of his great fears is just how easy it is for Neu Ungren to succumb to periodic bouts of unrest and vendetta. In the typical Portilo faction his hate for violence means he will take all measures necessary (including having one of largest private armies in the city) to pre-empt it or, if it is absolutely necessary, to be the first one to hit and (hopefully) hit strong enough to make further violence unnecessary.
A little known fact is that Portilo spends considerable amounts on very anonymous charities helping the very poorest in the city and that many a church kitchen would not be in business if there was not for him. Seeing as he is not religious in the slightest and is not known for his love of fellow beings, it is unclear exactly what is behind this.

Anette (31):
Daughter of the river-rat, Portillo’s third wife to whom he is quite dedicated.

Rialto (38):
Oldest son of Portilo and the heir to the most of the family wealth. 38 years old with plodding, dedicated approach to life and little interest in fashion, high society and most of all nav-college.

Roger (35):
Second son, much more a socialite then his brother. Recently married to a craftsman’s daughter. Had his stint at a college and has since came to appreciate his older brother’s aloof position.

Vivian (32):
Only daughter of Portillo. Not allowed to follow Bartolini tradition of marrying bellow her status at thirty she is fast approaching spinsterhood. Ugly but hopelessly romantic her redeeming grace is wonderful singing voice.

Herman (30):
Third son of Portillo and oldest from his second marriage. Only one in the family that can boast at least tolerably good looks. Known for his dry wit and cynical, detached attitude in life. One of the best pilots among the Navigators.

Frederic (29):
Full brother and best friend of Herman. Rarely separated from him. Had a bit of a scholarly bent in engineering direction.

Dominic (27):
A bit of a family black sheep. Without customary Bartolini energy he spends most of his time just lounging in the city without even mustering enough energy to be debaucherous.

Gulliano (23):
Cantankerous and hot tempered this otherwise brilliant youth has made many enemies in the city. A nasty scar on his face is a consequence of one Bank knife-fight too many.

Daniel (14):
First and so far only son of Bartolini’s third marriage Daniel is spoiled and precocious little brat.


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