Always hovering on the edge of the first class navigatorial standing relatively young house of Espieire finaly made it in the previous generation. Some signs of them being new men are still visible as in their moving to the new house on Capetanseglesh and marriage with Nobility but more or less they are now regarded as one of the true first rank families. Their future looked bright with the prospect of Philip Jonathan taking over but now with the grim and aloof 20 year old with no fabled Espieire social skills as an heir apparent it may go either way.

Historical Members:
Philipa Espiere

Current Members:

Jonathan Francis (58):
Old Espierie, as he is usually known is well known businessman who has increased his family fortune until it actually surpassed those of the families as well established as Fuggers or Santonis. That he did so without accruing a host of enemies is a testament to both his skill and his congenial worldly nature. After flippant and debacherous youth he did almost a perfect about turn in his early thirties and became a model navigator. Although he never mastered the fine points of Navigation himself (always relying on a number of loyal pilots) he was an excellent negotiator securing most of the Santoni imperial contracts after the scandal and the suicide brought that house low. His principal skill however remains the supreme ability to pick and delegate the best people and these days large amount of Espieire success lies in the network of trading houses throughout riverlands and donetz superbly handled by the old Jonathan’s men.

Isolda (formerly Isolda Hargori) (52):
Until recently, lady Isolda, cousin of the Herzog Gaimar of Waldemark was a pillar of the female society in Neu Ungren. Her impeccable Magyr lineage as well as substantial Espierie money put her at position of influence in both high societies of the city. That she started ailing some five years ago, developing signs of early senility was a rude shock to most of the upper echelons of Neu Ungren. News of her elder sons death together with rumors of his possible involvement in demonology and murder, together with further rumors of grave situation of her cousin and childhood friend Lord Gaimar have hit the lady Isolda hard and she is now rarely seen outside family house.

Flora (now Flora Parvi) (28) – See under Parvi household

David Jonathan (22):
Growing in the shadow of his charismatic brother David Jonathan has since childhood resigned himself to being considered “the younger Espieire”. Endowed neither with his father’s conciliatory nature nor his brother’s commanding presence he compensated with dogged determination which, among other things helped him, in his early teens, to fully conquer the rather nasty stammer that he had carried since childhood. Never fully accepted among his peers he had since early days tendency to surround himself by those he was superior to by the virtue of birth and power. Thus his friends are much more picked from the lower walks of life then from the navigatorial college. He idolized his brother and was quite crossed when he heard of his death.


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