Neu Ungren Political Settlement

The Settlement

As Agreed Between High Imperial Representative, Duke Rikard Benedek and Dodge Ludovic Contarini on 14th of Leste, Year and accepted by Centuries of Neu Ungren on 28th of Leste and Promulgated by the Emperor Bela Istvan Koroly on new year day of

Concerning the Independence of the Republic of Neu Ungren:

-The Empire Recognizes the Republic of Neu Ungren as a sovereign state in the borders certified in the appendix to this document corresponding roughly to the edges of the Tierz Marshes and the River Holt.

Concerning the partition and administration of the Old Dutchy of Neu Ungren:

-The Republic recognizes the sovereignty of the Empire over all the lands and territories belonging to the old Dutchy of Neu Ungren that are outside of these borders. As stated in a separate proclamation these are amalgamated into revived Dutchy of Gollenburg

-The Empire grants to the Republic of Neu Ungen rights of Baronage over the Dutchy of Gollenburg under the conditions stipulated in the remainder of this Settlement.

-The Republic agrees to hold these lands under Imperial feudal law and discharge the military and social duties to the Empire stemming from this grant.

-The Empire guarantees the inalienability of these titles as long as the feudal obligations as well as other stipulations of this Settlement are adhered to.

Concerning the Feudal Obligations of the Republic:

-The Republic agrees to bear the responsibility for military protection of the Dutch of Estergorm, including but not limited to:
Maintaning a major castle at Serpentine and a fortified garrison at Friulli.
Preventing any attacks or disturbances being mounted to the Imperial possessions of Dutchy of Timosvar, Northern Marches or any other Imperial possessions from the Territory
Implementing Imperial Law in the Teritory
Furnishing the Empire with 1200 ducats a year in Scuttage in lieu of the feudal military levy. This moneys are to be raised from the tax on properties in the Territory and is to be collected and kept in the Town of Friulli without it ever entering the Republic proper.

-The Republic promises not to provide any assistance to the actions against the Empire even if those actions are not taking place in the Teritory.

-The Republic agrees to grant citizenship rights to all landholders in the Territory if their permanent domicile as of the day of promulgation of this Settlement is in the Republic. Such landholders must also remain subjects of the Empire. If such landholders find the loyalties to the Republic and the Empire in conflict, they must renounce their citizenship of the Republic and remove their Domicile to the Teritory.

-The Republic is to name an official responsible for the Discharge of these feudal duties. Such an official must be:
A subject of the Empire as well as a citizen of the Republic
A landholder in the Dutchy with a title no less then that of a Markgraff
Nominated by the governing body of the Republic
Approved by the Emperor
The official is to carry Imperial title of Lord Commissioner to Neu Ungren.
Appointment of the Lord Commissioner is for life except in the following circumstances:
He is revoked by unanimous vote of 5 centuries
He is revoked by a personal decision of the Emperor
At promulgation of this Settlement, Platzgraff Lord Rikard Benedek will resign his post as High Imperial Representative and assume position of the First Lord Commissioner to Neu Ungren.

Neu Ungren Political Settlement

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