Fortunes of Santoni were always tied with the court in Pec. Having carried title of the official suppliers to the Emperors for more then four generations they were once among the very richest of all the families of Neu Ungren. This all came to an end some twenty years ago when, in the aftermath of the Esthawan rebellion, it became known that old Pietro Santoni not only was a lover of Jelena Esthawan during her brief exile in the city (and quite possibly even before that) but under her influence planned to poison Emperor himself. Pietro not only helped the Andras’ sister escape the city once Mayor decided to extradite her to the Empire but killed himself rather then face Imperial interrogation himself. Under the pressure of Mayor the family escaped the further prosecution and kept most of their city-based wealth but of course lost practically all business in the imperial lands, the blow from which they yet have to recover.

Historical Figures:
Roderigo Santoni


Abramvel (42): Left to pick up the pieces after the disgrace and suicide of his father Abramvel Santoni has proven competent if not inspired leader of one of the oldest Navigatorial families of the city. Distinguished by the piety unmatched among the Navigators and by stark humorless outlook Abramvel is a rare appearance on social events. Grave and irrational fear of drowning keeps him of crossings but he compensates with decent if scrupulously honest business sense.

Gloria (29): Abramvel married late and, some say, only so that one of his brother’s bastards do not inherit the company. Scion of the Borgillis Gloria is now deeply unhappy woman. Her marriage into the higher ranks of the Navigators has not improved the standing of her family and her stern and saintly husband is keeping her in virtual house arrest, especially after the rumors of the affair with his own brother.

Dominica (40) (briefly Dominica Tepes): Disgrace of her father have ended brief marriage of the then 18 year old Dominica to young Lord Tepes of Balaton. As she was quite in love with handsome Magyr this was a devastating blow to her. Living in oppressive household of Abramvel made otherwise cheerful girl into a brooding loner, who is now cheered only by her younger brother and his unruly sons. Even though Lucca made best effort to have her happily married memory of her brief romance in Balaton made her not interested in lesser men.

Lucca (39): Abramvel’s younger brother and almost exact opposite Lucca Santoni is one of the famous drinkers and womanizers of the Bank. Very good navigator and, according to rumors, his father’s chosen heir, Lucca uses his indispensability to grate the nerves of his older brother. Constantly refusing to marry he is rumored to have cuckolded most of the men of importance in his generation including, quite possibly, his own brother. His taste in women, however, runs through social classes and among the poor and prostitutes he is rumored to be a most gentle lover who takes great interest in his possible issue. He has even recognized two of his bastard sons and invited them to live in old Santoni house under the same roof as poor Abramvel.

Marko (18): Older of the two Santoni bastards, Marko has the temperament worthy both of his father and of his flaming red hair. Having spend most of his youth with his mother along the unruly shores of Totbab once upon coming into the name and means his exploits have become notorious. Higher orders of society tremble in apprehension at his entry to society and college which are expected this year.

Osti (17): Not as temperament as his brother, this cathedral youth is not much behind him in mischief. Despite the enmity between their childhood barrios two half brothers are fast friends and accomplices in many acts of subterfuge. Although younger and bit slower Osti is bigger and less impulsive thus complementing hot tempered Marko excellently.

Julian (13): Only son of Abramvel, Jullian was a sickly child whose life was always endangered by the Neu Ungren humid summers until he was taken to a crossing by his uncle two years ago. Now he is healthier and precocious proto-intellectual. Much to his father chagrin, however, he adores his uncle and idolizes his thuggish cousins.

Julia (6): Young daughter of Abramvel is fortunately spared poor stamina of her brother. She is a charming little child and presently only joy of her otherwise depressed mother and aunt.


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