Alkyone Xanthopoulos

Disgraced ex-queen


Beautiful and proud scion of ancient Xanthopoulos family. Arraigning this match for his heir was a true diplomatic coup for Godor Sarkad. Admittedly, lady Alkyone felt a little apprehensive about the island kingdom at first, but have since become a dutiful wife to Nikolay Sarkad, even if the prince never fully warmed up to her.

She was shocked by the entirely spurious allegations of impropriety and defended herself by silence during her show-trial. She was banished to a small estate in the immediate vicinity of Aramviso where she remains, under virtual house arrest, to the present day.

Mother was always a cold fish. She took a great interest in us – in a way father never did. But her interest seemed to be primarily in how we reflect on her and her family. Practically every conversation we ever had with her was on the topic of royal and princely proprieties and prerogatives. To her credit she applied same standards to herself as she did to others. old fart may be unreliable on just how great Xanthopoulos were or are, but he is dead right that accusing mother of adultery is like accusing fish of hoarding walnuts

Alkyone Xanthopoulos

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