Godor Sarkad

Conqueror of Malarta


Hailing from a well established family from Fesjavar, largely dispossessed in the turmoil of the Balioly disturbance, Godor has joined and later became an officer of Knights of the Lilly a religious knightly order-cum-mercenary company which operated in north-western empire during the second wave of Magyr led expansionism. It is primarily from the Knights of the Lily that he picked principal companions to accompany him in his adventure on Malarta.

Story of his successful conquest of Malarta and eventual establishment of royal dynasty in Aramviso is recounted elsewhere.

All the while, Godor remained active in imperial politics working hard to exact revenge for the injuries his family suffered in the previous generation and to recover their ancestral lands in Fesjavar. Of his two older legitimate sons (with wife who died well before conquest)one was sent into imperial service while the other returned to Fesjavar estates.

Shortly after the conquest of Malarta, Godor – a widower for a number of years – was profoundly charmed by a young woman of mixed parentage. Her father was a native of the isles who has extensively traveled in the empire as a bard. Her mother ostensibly one of those exotic beauties which are occasionally found in the Tierz riverlands in the extreme West of the empire. While Godor justified his choice of wife as a possible way to tie native clans closer to his regime it really had minimal effect one way or another. Aside from occasional snide remark by the aristocracy and few disappointed noble fathers, introduction of Marta into royal family was a very low-key event.

Over the next twenty years Marta gave Godor four sons and two daughters. Oldest, Ferentz Sarkad was a restless child given to gloomy spells, utterly disinterested in arts of rulership and martial skill. Godor blamed this on his close relationship with his mother who had significant role in his upbringing and decided to limit Marta’s access to any subsequent sons. This was a beginning of the rift between them which will eventually see Marta retreat to the estates in the Pelleno valley granted to her at the time of marriage. When Ferentz disappeared just short of his 17th birthday Godor worried more about accusations that he had something to do with that then with actual disappearance of his child.

Second son, Nikolay Sarkad was in most aspects exact opposite of his disappointing older brother. His upbringing was entrusted to the priests of [[St. Rupert]] from whom he picked stern but conventional religiosity and orderly, systematic if somewhat bookish character. At 16 he was designated Godor’s heir and betrothed to Alkyone Xanthopoulos, scion of a very distinguished Stagi-Magyr family from northern empire.

Third son, Janos Sarkad had a bit of Ferentz’s dark side to him being prone to anger and impatient with others. He compensated with bursts of brilliance on par with best of his father and dogged stubbornness and determination in face of adversity.

Godor’s ardour for Marta cooled in the years after Janos was born. Two grew apart and Godor started taking mistresses and producing illegitimate offspring. However, whatever led to his original infatuation was clearly still there as occasionally the two would have wild reconciliations resulting in three more children.

Oldest of those was Gertruda Sarkad, exceptional beauty with fitting intellect but like so many of Marta’s children possessed somewhat of dark introspective mood and extreme ill luck in her marriages.

Godor’s fifth child – Arthur Sarkad – was best able to win the hearts of the islanders. Peerless rider and hunter as well as extraordinarily handsome and easy going, his presence gave legitimacy to his brother’s early reign with all groups of island’s inhabitants.

Last of Marta’s offspring came very late, being born mere months before Godor’s death. Named Veronica Sarkad she had all the rebellious spirit of now lost Ferentz but with none of his dark mood. She utterly ignored the authority of her older brothers and disappeared in relative obscurity in early adulthood – ostensibly frequently travelling off and on the island.

Godor’s liking of women was his personal downfall. Shortly after Veronica was conceived he took a mistress from one of the more independent mountain clans. While the young lady certainly enjoyed his attention and probably reminded Godor of young Marta, her uncles took a dim view of this and ambushed small royal party on a way to a routine visit to one of vassal estates in the south. Only a young page to one of the knights was left alive to deliver explanation of the attack and the terms of vendetta to Armaviso.

Godor Sarkad

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