Oltan Capetti

Chancellor of Godor Sarkad, throughout his entire reign. Builder of Aramviso.


For a person of such importance to the building of Sarkad Kingdom relatively little is known about Oltan Capetti. He was recruited by Godor Sarkad very early after conquest and rose to the position of Chancellor almost instantaneously.

He was an enthusiastic convert to the Church of the Living God and did what he could to bring his compatriot Donni Inhabitants of Milliuri into its fold.
Although some credit him with founding of the Grey Order it is more likely that he simply shared their ideals and was an important early benefactor.

Despite his native origin he was not particularly effective as a link between Sarkad and the native tribes. Unconfirmed rumours claim that his was a small family from deep mountains and that it was all but destroyed in a vendetta during Oltan’s adolescence. If this is true there is no indication that he ever considered using his power as a chancellor to exact revenge on his family’s enemies.

He was likewise relatively useless as a military man. For the entire duration of his chancelorship, he is not known to have ever used arms personally or been protected by an open bodyguard. In solving problems he always preferred the diplomacy and subterfuge to direct force.

His principal contribution was as a builder of Aramviso.
Given considerable powers by Godor Sarkad in the months following the conquest, he instituted punishing and rigorously enforced taxation system which both financed the building of the city and created condition for transition of many small-holders (particularly lowland natives) into dependants of major Magyar magnates.
With this money he organized the building program which saw the city, including its lavish cathedral and royal castle substantially completed in five years.

To prevent embezzlement by the builders and at the same time make sure that taxes are both assessed and levied properly – rumours have it that he developed a loyal network of informants known as di Segretti who kept the eyes on their fellow citizens.

After the completion of Aramviso building programme and the finalization of the infeudation of the Sarkad Kingdom Oltan refused an estate of his own and instead administered the part of the Sarkad Royal Demesne that was dedicated to supply and maintenance of Aramviso. Despite his improvements he was an unpopular landlord, just as he was an unpopular chancellor.

After Godor’s death, rumour was that Nikolay Sarkad did not want Oltan to continue in any capacity in government. Another rumour was that Oltan was going to utilize his many hidden resources to force Nikolay to keep him. People feared disturbances up to the threat of civil war.
In the event Oltan submitted his resignation mere months after Nikolay’s crowning without it being formally demanded. He died shortly thereafter and was buried at Cathedral of Aramviso.

He left no testament and upon his death his personal possessions were tallied. Despite rumours of vast wealth accumulated over several decades of running the treasury, second most powerful man of Sarkad Kingdom died with less then 30 Skud to his name.

Oltan Capetti

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