Roberto Gumbi

Rougish uncle


An acknowledged bastard son of Godor Sarkad. His mother is a native islander assimilated into southronculture.

As with other bastard children of Sarkads he was taken from home and placed under tutorship of Oltan Capetti at relatively young age. As a seven year old, however, Roberto fled from Aramviso for the first time. He was found fortnight later , nearly dead in the mountains north of the city.
Throughout his youth he continued a pattern of resistance to authority. In his teens, he was caught providing information from royal household to the smuggling band selling untaxed Yaol through Al-Thasdun port.
Treated leniently as a royal child, he nevertheless fled Aramviso again soon after, this time finally and joined smugglers in the mountains.

From the entire family, Roberto was closest to Nikolay Sarkad and he briefly returned to Aramviso shortly after Nikolay succeeded. There were rumours at the time that the spymaster part of the Oltan Capetti’s job will be transferred to the bastard. In the event, that came to nothing and Roberto settled semi-permanently in Al-Thasdun while still maintaining regular contact with Nikolay and his offspring in Aramviso.
He left Al-Thasdun during the Southron Rebellion fleeing again into the mountains, but returned there after Kuzbakid re-established the control of the city.

While there were always rumours that Roberto was Nikolay‘s spy in Al-Thasdun, those are likely to be unsubstantiated. For one, Roberto is an unreliable man, suffering from at least moderate alcoholism, prone to emotional outbursts and altogether temperamentally unsuitable for covert operations. Secondly, he publicly objected to Nikolay’s repudiation of lady Alkyone and to his second marriage, significantly reducing his contact with royal family after that event.

The BEST uncle. He always brought us the coolest gifts that old fart would not let us have and told coolest stories. Sure he drinks a bit and has crazy schemes to get rich, but his heart is definitively in the right place.

Roberto Gumbi

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