Youngest city in the archipelago and the capital of the Sarkad Kingdom.
Aramviso is fully fortified city housing about 7.000 people within its forbidding black stone walls and further few thousand in the adjoining villages outside the walls.
City has a small harbour but was never intended as a major commercial centre. Its sea-traffic is primarily with Tunna and to lesser extent with Al-Thasdun.

Aramviso was built over mere five years by chancellor Oltan Capetti and therefore lacks the organic pattern of more naturally developed cities. Its streets are straight following the pattern set by its pentagonal walls and converging on the main square called székesegyház or cathedral square, in the focus of the pentagon. Dominating the square, and the entirety of the northern half of the city is Cathedral of Aramviso a magnificent imposing building, likewise built on the orders chancellor Capetti.
Behind a cathedral in the northern extension of the square is the main city marketplace which serves all the nearby villages.

In the southernmost pinnacle of the pentagram, on a small natural elevation is the only structure in the city which can compare with the cathedral, the Aramviso Castle, seat of Sarkad power. The defensive layout of the city and the castle is unified with city serving as an extensive “bailey” to the castle’s “motte”.

Even though, most of the buildings internal to the walls are made of either stone or brick, with no civic government and with nobles discouraged for settling in, there are no other major buildings to rival the [Aramviso Castle | castle]] and the cathedral.

Original plan by Godor Sarkad and Oltan Capetti envisioned Sarkad Kingdom as rural and feudal. They were happy to leave most of the commercial traffic and sophisticated industry to well established Al-Thasdun. As a result Aramviso was developed primarily as an administrative, religious and military centre which also functions as a local market. This plan changed only with the Southron Rebellion and loss of Al-Thasdun to the Sarkads. Since then, some growth of manufacturing in Aramviso itself was encouraged which brought, for the first time, incipient growth of civic guilds


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