Mountain hardwood, deciduous tree unique to Milliuri archipelago. Yaol are relatively small trees, no taller then 5 to 6 meters growing in small groups on exposed outcrops on the southern exposed sides of Milliuri islands.

Yaol is known for deep red-brown colour of its wood and golden sap which is sometimes found inside wood itself looking like specs and veins of gold in the wood.

One trunk of Yaol tree if expertly harvested can fetch as much as 30Skud in the port of Al-Thasdun upwards of 100 S at the Harbor exchange of Neu Ungren and as much as 300 S in major importing ports such as Miskoltz or Harid.

Yaol grow in clusters of 4 to 7 trees, sharing the root-mass. Cluster can survive a loss of one or two trunks and will replace them over about two decades. Greater loss will often destroy the entire cluster irrevocably.

As a result, most of the relatively accessible clusters of Yaol have already been destroyed (despite occasional efforts of Myrahi Emirate to organize the sustainable harvest. Remaining ones are high in the mountains where sheer cliff-sides, inclement weather and hostile locals make harvest difficult.

Nonetheless, given the potential profits and the effective inability of any of the island’s feudal structures to stake claim on them Yaol seeking remains important economic activity for more enterprising island inhabitants from all three cultural groups.


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